studiotrenD – provides custom graphics web and graphic design services: interactive media design, visual communication solutions,- corporate id design, logos, icons, catalogues, manuals and book design, infographics (visual data information), maps, illustration and more.

studiotrenD – was established at the end of 2011 by Dan Gershony, multi-disciplinary designer, graduate of 'Wizo Haifa Academy of Design', former Art Director and Head of graphic department of 'Ynet', (news website).

Key Achievements:
- Exhibition and Print Design at Advertising Studio 'Geyer Design', (Germany).
- Information Graphics for European News Agency AP/Vectur.
- Designer at 'Studio Yedioth Ahronoth', National Newspaper
- Design Team Member of Founders of 'Ynet', News Website.
- Art Director and Head of Graphic Department of 'Ynet', News Website.
- Three Times Design Award Winner of 'Graphic Designer Association of Israel' Competition.

Selected Customers:
I2D, Radware, HOT/Eitan Bartal, Calltext, Crossfields tlv, Blazer Magazine, MechoShade Systems, Crossfield tlv.
studiotrenD – מציע שירותי עיצוב בתחומים הבאים: עיצוב אינטראקטיב, עיצוב איקונים, מיתוג, קטלוגים, אינפוגרפיקה (המחשה חזותית), איור ועוד.

studiotrenD הוקם בסוף 2011 על ידי דן גרשוני, מעצב רב-תחומי, בוגר האקדמיה לעיצוב ויצ"ו חיפה, לשעבר המעצב הראשי של אתר החדשות "ynet".

נקודות ציון:
- עיצוב תערוכות ופרינט בסטודיו לעיצוב ופרסום Studio Geyer"" (גרמניה),
- עיצוב אינפוגרפיקה עבור סוכנות הידיעות AP האירופית,
- חבר בצוות המעצבים של סטודיו 'ידיעות אחרונות',
- חבר בצוות ההקמה של אתר 'ynet',
- מעצב ראשי ומנהל סטודיו – אתר 'ynet'.
- 3 פעמים חתן פרס עיצוב, אגודת המעצבים הגרפיים בישראל.

בין לקוחות הסטודיו:
I2D, Radware, HOT/Eitan Bartal, Calltext, Crossfields tlv, Blazer Magazine, MechoShade- Systems, Crossfield tlv
Icons, - impressive small symbols, are of great importance in various media as visual elements of communication. They enhance and add highlights to designs (layout and typography) and buttons (web and mobile applications). studiotrenD focuses on well designed essential, clear and unique icons.
In a world of competing websites for various subjects, personal and original design must be individually tailored to each subject and customer.An attractive appearance and easy navigation will keep visitors on websites longer and will make them more memorable.
Book covers make great first impressions on potential readers. Eye catching covers need to say it all in a quick look and to catch attention. Well chosen fonts and images that reflect the essence of the book, promote sales.
Outstanding Logos convey a company’s first impression of its business and establish a brand identity. A professional clean and functional look and significant visual appeal, will be memorable and will represent your product or business forever. A distinctive logo can help build brand loyalty.
The most effective way to explain complex information and data is throughinfografics (Graphic visual representations). Technical processes and structures are being visualized as images and attractive graphs.With many years of experience, studiotrenD specializes in presenting data attractively.
Illustration is undoubtedly an effective way to enhance all major communications media, such as TV, Journals, books and graphic manuals. studiotrenD focuses on technical, digital and traditional illustration.
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